Xilica - SONIA C5


Xilica Sonia is based entirely on CatX cable — enabling quick, easy installation with no messy termination or bulky copper wire. It enables everyone to deploy great audio in their space, without worrying about their setup.

Xilica Sonia C5 is a 5.25" in-ceiling speaker with Category cable connection, designed to enable anyone to deploy speaker systems into meeting rooms, classrooms and discussion spaces using standard IT infrastructure. Sonia C5 mounts into suspended ceiling grids using an included tile bracket and double-stepped dog ears, enabling blind installation from below. Sonia C5 features no proprietary audio connectors and is connected to a Sonia Amp using standard Category cable. Each Sonia C5 features VoiceMatch™ technology when used in conjunction with Sonia Amp/Solaro Series, enabling speech optimization for added intelligibility. Sonia C5 features a magnetic, fully-paintable grille with removable logo and offers integrated mounting for Sonia Amp, allowing the entire speaker system to be contained within a drop ceiling with no in-room racks.

› Sonia C5 enables intelligible sound with consistent volume and coverage across meeting rooms, classrooms and discussion spaces without the requirement to run expensive, hefty copper wire. Installation is simple and quick using standard Category cable with RJ45 connectors.
› Sonia C5 offers a 5.25" driver with a wide dispersion pattern and VoiceMatch technology to allow for fewer speakers in large rooms.
› Integrated 'backpack'-style mounting allows for amplifier and speaker to both be hidden in the ceiling, eliminating the need for in-room racks.
› When paired with a Sonia Amp, integrated fault monitoring between Sonia C5 and Sonia Amp products enables the same level of monitoring as found in an individually-addressable IP loudspeaker without the cost.
› Up to four (4) individual rooms can be covered with a single Sonia C5/Sonia Amp system, and each Sonia Amp can accommodate up to eight (8) Sonia C5 speakers in pairs.

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