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Room Display DS7310


Digital signage to work with Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System. Embedded camera supporting facial recognition on the spot.

Room Display DS7310 is a digital signage collaborating with Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System to display meeting room availability in real-time using traffic light LED indicators. Mounted at the entrance of every meeting room, it allows employees to easily locate available rooms by identifying the colors, even from a distance.

 Collaborates with Yeastar Meeting Room Booking System to display the latest meeting schedules, start an ad-hoc meeting, check-in check-out, extend meetings
 Add your company’s logo, set up background pictures, and customize any 3 LED light colors to signal meeting room status 
 Works with Yeastar People Counting Sensor to update in-room attendees in real-time
 Managed and monitored remotely by the cloudbased Yeastar Workplace platform
 The built-in camera supports facial recognition on the spot
 Authenticate user identity via facial recognition or QR code scans
 Support integration with your existing access control system to restrict access to only authorized staff
 Support Energy Saving Settings
 Hide/show meeting topic/organizer flexibly
 Plug-and-play PoE or DC power
 Provides easy installation and flexible mounting